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rpgguy_1o1 t1_iz5uhce wrote

She just got loose from their own yard, sounds like they just live near the trails, Vancouver Island is a pretty rural area. I've had that happen, it's an awful feeling, my indoor cat managed to pop out the screen of a window and go on an adventure. He was only gone for a few hours, but still felt awful not knowing where he was.


szai t1_iz6ffm5 wrote

Yeah I'll admit I can be pretty militant on the "Don't let your animals roam outdoors unsupervised" front but sometimes accidents happen. Glad the dog was ok. And the cat too!


salledattente t1_iz72mge wrote

I live in this area and most peoples' properties abutt wilderness. Bears in your yard are a pretty common occurrence.


Noisy_Toy t1_iz763df wrote

Our dogs once got underneath a fence gate and lifted it out of its hinges, then went on an adventure. We couldn’t believe it. So crafty!


atthebeach_gsd t1_iz7fhv4 wrote

My dog pushed under the tension wire I had installed to stop him from pushing under the fence 🤦‍♀️


Diplodocus114 t1_iz790cd wrote

> Our elderley cat went missing. She had lost her "Miow". I was 16 and put notes through all the neighbours doors asking them to check sheds and garages. She came home after 3 days > 1