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Littlebotweak t1_iz5yyy1 wrote

> "I used a pot and pan, and every time I banged on the pot and pan the dog barked back," Cheeke told CTV News on Monday.

This is where my heart swelled like the grinch on Christmas eve day.


BeetsMe666 t1_iz6nlz8 wrote

His heart grew on Christmas Day. He stole all their Who garbage and they still were happy in the morning when it was gone.


Littlebotweak t1_iz6q5co wrote

OWCH! That stings.

Guilty, it has been many years since I read or watched the grinch. I suppose I could use a little Boris Karloff reminder this year.


Diplodocus114 t1_iz78ly1 wrote

Our elderley cat went missing. She had lost her "Miow". I was 16 and put notes through all the neighbours doors asking them to check sheds and garages. She came home after 3 days


GiveToOedipus t1_iz6soqn wrote

An enlarged heart can be a sign of cardiovascular disease, you should get that checked out.


pale_blue_dots t1_iz7bt34 wrote

Oh man, just imagine going through that. Bit heart-wrenching, isn't it?