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Catinthemirror t1_iz7xrc6 wrote

I've heard so many nice things about him as just a really decent human being.


Rolandersec t1_iz8qxvh wrote

He’s amazing like that. In high school I saw him a number of times in Minneapolis and was always too shy/polite to bother him but it never stopped some of my friends and he’d always stop and chat with them. I regret never actually taking the time to talk to him. It’s really too bad he’s not on Reddit because I have never really gotten twitter.


LeighSkarz t1_iz9cnda wrote

He’s 100% a gem. My mom sold him and his wife multiple cars over the years and they still email every once and a while. I find it adorable that this incredibly BUSY man still responds to her emails where she says “hey I watched Sandman and I liked it!” Lol


ZuluTurtle t1_iz8ouze wrote

Besides stealing Lisa Simpsons book. Outside of that very upstanding guy.