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SerendipitySue t1_izc7yh9 wrote

This is a great accomplishment! Way to go. He is just so inexperienced due to his age, I hope he finds a wise advisor or two from where ever. Maybe other mayors, maybe a biz professor at his school. This young man has the drive and intelligence, and care for his community

He will have some successes and some failures. Just an exceptional young man!


CambriaKilgannonn t1_izcc99d wrote

I was thinking that too, but... I have seen how our presidents and congressman behave so I don't think he can do worse


parachuteoverbible t1_izcoiyu wrote

Some municipal mayors are adults and are utterly incompetent. This kid wants to help out and will bring enthusiasm. Give him the keys to the city.


Rhodog1234 t1_izd8m6w wrote

Wasn't there a tv show about a school aged Mayor ?


iLikeCatsOnPillows t1_izfc23f wrote

Given his age, my hopes are high that his google-fu will enable him to find working methods other cities have used to obtain similar goals that he can work off of.