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squealor t1_izct65i wrote

While I love his ambition, I question the judgement of someone so young running a city. Your frontal lobe doesn’t stop developing until you’re 25


ComeonmanPLS1 t1_izdg5ck wrote

Plenty of mayors out there whose brain stopped developing at 12. Jaylen already got 6 years on those bozos.


culturedgoat t1_izdbm6x wrote

With a population of 1,785, I don’t think Earle, Arkansas qualifies as a city


squealor t1_izeoek1 wrote

That’s not the aspect I’d choose to latch on to, but you do you


Honk4Love t1_izdqm85 wrote

I mean you're not wrong but in that case you need to be questioning the frontal lobes of the people that voted him in.