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ad1don t1_izdsitu wrote

Get the right person for the job in place, don’t just look for progressive points. No 18 year old of any colour is going to be effective in that role. Sorry it’s the truth


Caffeine_Advocate t1_izerws5 wrote

Why do you feel you know who the right person for the job is, better than the small town community that actually knows him?


ad1don t1_izexh8w wrote

A brain is not fully developed until around 25 years old and there’s also life experience that trumps an old head on young shoulders or ‘wisdom’


Caffeine_Advocate t1_izeyymf wrote

Lol, literally doesn’t answer the question I asked. Why are you so sure that he’s not the right person? A brain being not fully developed doesn’t mean he’s not still the best candidate they had to choose from. There was likely 2 candidates, the other one could have had any number of issues that were more problematic than “your brain isn’t fully developed”. Plus, if it’s such an issue, then Real AdultsTM who make the laws should have put an age limit. But they didn’t. So is their judgement wrong too?


ad1don t1_izf0ry4 wrote

I was a mayor back in 1996 and I can tell you that you need to have an understanding of social, ethical dynamics across the board. If you do not then things just won’t happen. You need to be the lubricant in the machine. You need to be competent and this promising young man will not be competent in this capacity. He will no doubt have a fantastic future ahead of him, however he’s a pawn being used to appease a woke mob.