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Leduesch t1_izeiloe wrote

Well, the alternative was a senile, old, mad, perverted, treasonus, dumb as fuck conman.

So all in all they chose right, wouldn't you agree?


dabasauras-rex t1_izeke1u wrote

It’s a meme to say that but I don’t think senile means what you think it means. Just cause someone is old doesn’t automatically make them “senile”


VikingMilo t1_izetv6n wrote

People call him senile because he seems to forget what he’s talking about mid sentence


dabasauras-rex t1_izewfje wrote

He had a long history of gaffes and misspeaks long before he was an old dude. I think he had a bad stutter as A kid that he’s worked through. Frankly he’s not super eloquent and never has been. Wouldn’t be shocked if age has maybe exacerbated it… but honestly my grandparents weren’t nearly as sharp as him at that age. He’s got crazy energy for someone that old. (Obviously my preference is for much younger presidents but here we are 🤷🏼‍♂️)


MaxillaryOvipositor t1_izeucqf wrote

I do that too. When I'm baked.


dabasauras-rex t1_izewgla wrote

Mystery solved - Joe is just baked


Captinhairybely t1_izfef9c wrote

And here we are... full circle to potato


dabasauras-rex t1_izfrap9 wrote

I’ll take a generally patriotic and altruistic potato over a fascist domestic terrorist Putin loving Cheeto