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NotACapedCrusader1 OP t1_izgtyp9 wrote

This is a shocking statistic: STDs increased by about 30% in 2020 and 2021 in France.

This is a very proactive and positive move on the part of the French Government.

Not that there should be any stigma in regard to buying condoms this should help remove any that may exist and remove any financial issues also.

If more countries would follow suit it could be a positive development worldwide.

The message being something akin to 'have fun, be sensible, be respectful and be safe'.


Skyfl00d t1_izilivk wrote

I don't think that it has anything to do with social stigma here.
Condoms are almost available everywhere, and you can even buy some without having to interract with another human. And even if it's not free yet, it's cheap.

One thing i noticed (i think) is that younger people are not scared by STDs the same way older people were.
Catching an STD is kinda rare here, and for the last 50 years it has been more and more uncommon.
And because of that i think that younger generations aren't scared about STDs or Aids the way older generations were. And therefore, take less precautions when engaging in sexual intercourses with others.


PaxNova t1_izl0w3y wrote

Is MST the French term for an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)?


Skyfl00d t1_izl18a5 wrote

It is. Sorry i didn't even noticed it while typing. Edits will be made


Logan_MacGyver t1_izy6c9r wrote

>even if it's not free yet, it's cheap.

A ten pack goes for 15€ where I live...