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PopularPKMN t1_izmniab wrote you're arguing that not being able to access social media violates the first amendment?


Cheetahs_never_win t1_izp3zjd wrote

Let me dumb it down for you.

If you created a subreddit, and suddenly the government told you that you have to check everyone's IDs on it, because that becomes the TOS of reddit, then you end up fined or imprisoned for your subreddit you can't keep up with.

The platformer's rights are being infringed.

You don't have a first amendment right to access someone else's property. They have the right to share it with whom they want.

I know you're not too bright, so reread as often as you need.


Pingyofdoom t1_izn7rx5 wrote

Good point, when we rack the supreme court this would be a good case to bring to their attention.


moistrain t1_izn9dco wrote

Did you just openly and unironically suggest stacking the supreme court to push agendas


Pingyofdoom t1_iznbxvz wrote


moistrain t1_izngnwb wrote

Your vid isnt gonna do anything to change how horrendously stupid that is. It's supposed to be an impartial body so we always have someone protecting our constitutional rights. Ain't you learned nothin about separation of power and checks and balances? Your plan would destroy our gov at the seams lmao


Pingyofdoom t1_iznjpuw wrote

They cheat, I cheat, it's real simple here.


Cheetahs_never_win t1_izp4a5s wrote

Except your seditious side never seems to produce evidence in court when prompted.


Pingyofdoom t1_izpe8xb wrote

Sedicious? Are you not understanding that I'm suggesting expanding the court as per protocol due to the rampant cheating that's been going on.


TraditionalSkill4241 t1_j00zbtf wrote

>Supreme Court

>Impartial Body

Pick one


moistrain t1_j01m7d9 wrote

I didn't say it worked lol, I just rly wanted to put that chud in his place. But that's also not really what it's supposed to mean. It's just the toppest of courts, but the judges are intended to be apolitical to interpret the constitution as transparently as possible. In practice... Well, you see what they do now.

I far from agree with American government systems, but I ain't about to allow some moron to spread dangerous shit that'd lead to even worse things.