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brockwallace t1_izr003j wrote

For only 49 easy payments of 46,000,000 dollars.

/s good for her, this is good news.


Highland_Dragon t1_izskj4t wrote

Thankfully this was in the UK, at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. It's an NHS hospital so it's very unlikely she will have to pay anything.


Badaxe13 t1_izsqzis wrote

For anyone who wonders if it's worth giving to a cancer research charity - it really is. Best news this weekgif


king_rootin_tootin t1_izr8438 wrote

"Base editing" sounds like something that happens in a recording studio before a new trance album drops.


SanguineBanker t1_izt79zb wrote

Absolutely stunning technology with huge potential. I'm thrilled with the progress Alyssa has made and hope to see similar therapies made available for my own cancer and sickle cell patients.


aron65 t1_izstoxe wrote

So could this help with all cancers?


AinsiSera t1_izv42mz wrote

In theory - this is a big step forward on targeted immunology. But I’m reading that what they did here was aim for a wipe out of her immune system, to be replaced by a new bone marrow transplant. Usually that can be accomplished by radiation but that didn’t work in this case.

It’s not applicable for other types of cancer yet because let’s say you have liver cancer - you wouldn’t want/need a tool that wipes out all liver cells.

That said, we’re at the cudgel stage with the technique. The ideas behind it and the tools developed will continue to advance, until we have a hammer, then a chisel, then a pen, then a micro laser.


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smackmedown t1_izt9tog wrote

Yet another Christmas miracle! Miracles are everywhere- you just have to look around.


the_fishtanks t1_izvf99q wrote

Nah, let’s give credit to the nurses, scientists, and researchers who worked really hard for long hours to make this happen. They deserve the real praise here


smackmedown t1_izvfuvg wrote

Tough room! Are these downvotes for the word “Christmas” or “miracle”?


HeWhoVotesUp t1_izr6obx wrote

Well it clearly wasn't incurable then.


DragonGarlicBreath t1_izs55wl wrote

Yeah, the headlines are kind of driving me nuts, too. "Previously incurable" would be a lot better. I mean, not too lose sight that this is great news and so happy for her and her family.


BenzeneBabe t1_izt1ofs wrote

Does it really matter?


DragonGarlicBreath t1_izt76k6 wrote

Yes. Calling something "incurable" is defeatist. It fosters an incorrect mindset that isn't helpful. A lot of people with currently incurable conditions will live long enough to see a cure and it's terrible idea to pretend that "not currently curable" means they can't hope for a cure. (Cancers less often, but even then.)

Besides, what's the point of writing news of not to be accurate?


BenzeneBabe t1_iztwjzf wrote

Incurable is less of a mouthful to say then “currently incurable” and people don’t usually need things that specifically to understand that just cause something is called incurable today doesn’t mean it always will be. I just don’t think being that specific is necessary and it kinda feels like an insult saying you don’t think people are smart enough to figure that out with it being spoon fed to them.