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BenzeneBabe t1_izt1ofs wrote


DragonGarlicBreath t1_izt76k6 wrote

Yes. Calling something "incurable" is defeatist. It fosters an incorrect mindset that isn't helpful. A lot of people with currently incurable conditions will live long enough to see a cure and it's terrible idea to pretend that "not currently curable" means they can't hope for a cure. (Cancers less often, but even then.)

Besides, what's the point of writing news of not to be accurate?


BenzeneBabe t1_iztwjzf wrote

Incurable is less of a mouthful to say then “currently incurable” and people don’t usually need things that specifically to understand that just cause something is called incurable today doesn’t mean it always will be. I just don’t think being that specific is necessary and it kinda feels like an insult saying you don’t think people are smart enough to figure that out with it being spoon fed to them.