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Cyber_Dan t1_j070und wrote

You know only the wealthiest will get access to it.


Vegan_Harvest t1_j072e2v wrote

For a while maybe, but once the patent expires there will be a cheaper option. And that's not counting bootleg vaccines from overseas.

Then again maybe some cute kid will go viral dying from lack of the drug and that'll force them to pretend to care?


SaladeVerte t1_j079ae7 wrote

And every people living in a country with healthcare


FeFiFoShizzle t1_j07smqj wrote

Bro in most of the first world everyone has access to healthcare


capaldithenewblack t1_j082z72 wrote

Except the really expensive stuff. Some would rather die than burden their family with debt. :(


FeFiFoShizzle t1_j0857u1 wrote

No the "really expensive stuff" is still covered by my government where I live. It's just cosmetics and dentistry that isn't and dentistry has been a talking point for the next thing to cover for a long time.

Where do you live that excludes expensive stuff?


capaldithenewblack t1_j086fpb wrote

USA. Insulin for one.


FeFiFoShizzle t1_j086ybt wrote

Ya so I'm literally saying that countries that aren't yours cover cancer treatment, as in I'm calling your healthcare system a piece of shit.

Other first world countries generally cover cancer treatment, but not yours. Is my point.


capaldithenewblack t1_j08ivt0 wrote

Um, I think I was calling it that first? I would be thrilled with real universal healthcare. What’s your problem?


FeFiFoShizzle t1_j08sf63 wrote

Just re read the convo my dude lol


Two-Bit-Brain t1_j09mkc1 wrote

Judging by their responses you are both having your own individual conversations lmao


GLnoG t1_j08p549 wrote

Some third world countries do cover cancer treatment as well, especially for children. Had a couple relatives survive because of this.


SilverNicktail t1_j07ij70 wrote

Just like all the other vaccines? Oh, wait. Nope.

Did you mean just like all the other chemotherapy? Oh, wait. Nope.