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Supertrample t1_j07c9h1 wrote

Perhaps this will encourage the FDA to approve NAC as a supplement after taking it off the US market several years ago. My experience with it (in the EU) for decreasing inflammation (and therefore brain fog) from endometriosis has been fantastic, with virtually no side effects.


kickinchicken27 t1_j0qypr8 wrote

as someone who experiences intense bouts of brain fog from long covid in addition to suffering from endometriosis for years I’m curious about your experience!!

unfortunately I’m in the US, but I believe we still have access to it!! what dosage did you start at? I’ve heard very little of the supplement, but after dealing with this for 7 months I want better results!


Supertrample t1_j0tr01s wrote

Same as the study - 600mg once a day in the AM, of N-acetyl-cysteine. It was clear after a few days that it made a difference, too.

Mind you, I've had a hysterectomy (kept ovaries) and take letrozole daily to manage symptoms along with following a strict gluten-free and isoflavone-free diet. There were other supplements I took pre-surgery that helped a lot for the endo pain (like DIM & Calcium-d-Gluconate), as I'm not able to take exogenous hormones (like progesterone) due to bad side effects.


Minzplaying t1_j074ako wrote

I'm excited about this! It gives me some hope!


Dell_Hell OP t1_j07j0mu wrote

Glad to hear and share - I know this has had serious impacts to people's lives and careers from this specific aspect of long-COVID.


videodromejockey t1_j070ouw wrote

Seems a hell of a lot safer to try than the ivermectin my mom insists on taking.


Technical_Stock_1302 t1_j0bc13z wrote

Ivermectin is given to over 250 million people per year. Have a look at the scientific papers and you’ll start to realise how it works and why.


th30be t1_j0bltnf wrote

Sure. Its used to treat 250 million (honestly doubt this number but whatever) people for parasites. Not for COVID.


galgor_ t1_j081omy wrote

....what about taste and smell? :/


sulkee t1_j0amsmi wrote

Brian fog is linked to smell because your olfactory bulb is neurologically linked to your sense of memory. That is why there’s a saying about smell being the strongest sense in terms of memory recall.

So it’s possible with advancements in this areas, olfactory damage may also get attention.

I will say as someone with nearly 2 years of parosmia, my sense of smell is still improving


ufuknow t1_j08o4ct wrote

Wonder how much that costs lol


terrierhead t1_j0995di wrote

NAC is inexpensive. I have been buying it from Costco. I’m asking my doctor about the medication they talked about at my next appointment.

This brightens my whole day. Thank you OP!


Fuckedby2FA t1_j09ou6l wrote

Long COVID has been wrecking me lately. My anxiety has been so much worse since I had COVID a few weeks ago.

It's really getting in the way of my life. Been generally unhappy for the last few weeks. Sucks big time.


SwoleWalrus t1_j0a7vuu wrote

I feel ya. I had it in August and still havent fixed my sleep at all.


TeamShonuff t1_j0br3py wrote

Relevant quote: Guanfacine, one of the two drugs tested in this trial, is designed to strengthen prefrontal cortex connections and protect against inflammation and stress. While originally developed to treat ADHD, it is being used to treat other conditions associated with prefrontal cortex dysfunction, and studies show that the drug is effective in restoring executive functioning and memory. NAC, the second medication, is a robust antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that can also be used to treat this neural region.


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Frankdux77 t1_j0auee2 wrote

Guanfacine sounds ok. I think if going for blood flood. Hbot makes more sense but need to be careful to not go above 1.25ata