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Supertrample t1_j07c9h1 wrote

Perhaps this will encourage the FDA to approve NAC as a supplement after taking it off the US market several years ago. My experience with it (in the EU) for decreasing inflammation (and therefore brain fog) from endometriosis has been fantastic, with virtually no side effects.


kickinchicken27 t1_j0qypr8 wrote

as someone who experiences intense bouts of brain fog from long covid in addition to suffering from endometriosis for years I’m curious about your experience!!

unfortunately I’m in the US, but I believe we still have access to it!! what dosage did you start at? I’ve heard very little of the supplement, but after dealing with this for 7 months I want better results!


Supertrample t1_j0tr01s wrote

Same as the study - 600mg once a day in the AM, of N-acetyl-cysteine. It was clear after a few days that it made a difference, too.

Mind you, I've had a hysterectomy (kept ovaries) and take letrozole daily to manage symptoms along with following a strict gluten-free and isoflavone-free diet. There were other supplements I took pre-surgery that helped a lot for the endo pain (like DIM & Calcium-d-Gluconate), as I'm not able to take exogenous hormones (like progesterone) due to bad side effects.