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yellowkats t1_j0cojy6 wrote

This is making it equal. Men don’t generally have to refresh their wombs once a month in preparation for their potential future child, they’ve already got one up on women.


nico87ca t1_j0cqbs7 wrote

Uhh what?


yellowkats t1_j0cse9u wrote

Women are expected to work consistently throughout their menstrual cycle when we do not consistently operate at the same level throughout the month.

Most women are fighting some combination of cramping/depression/brain fog/nausea/low energy/breast pain/intensified emotions for at least a week every month. Not to mention the blood part and everything that goes with that.

We can’t currently take a week off work every time we have our period, so we suffer through it. Men don’t have to deal with any of that, so women are currently at a disadvantage.


bofh000 t1_j0csjm4 wrote

Do you need a book to explain that? Or are you more of a cartoon person?


nico87ca t1_j0cvmhw wrote

Having a uterus is not a free pass to get everything...

The justification of "i have a uterus so I'm entitled to have more sick days than a man" feels absolutely unfair.

Should older workers get more sick days than younger workers?

I want equality...


bofh000 t1_j0d2y66 wrote

Yes, older workers should get more sick days. It’s the mark of a developed society to be able and willing to help all its members.


nico87ca t1_j0d3skl wrote

But they don't... My point exactly


bofh000 t1_j0dduh1 wrote

That’s a failing we should strive towards fixing.


amscraylane t1_j0euqkm wrote

What seems unfair is I have to pay a biological monthly bill each month, which costs me literal money with pads and Midol …

This is why moms need to start talking to their sons!!


Kelmon80 t1_j0fphx8 wrote

If pads are so expensive - tampons cost you $2000 over your entire lifetime. That's around $2 a month. Far, far less than I spend on condoms. Using a product that's 3 times more expensive is a choice you make, and can't really complain about.

And cheaper solutions exist. Menstrual cups last for ages, and are a one-time purchase, making your lifetime period costs go into double digits.

Man, if I could buy a single, reusable condom for $15 or so that lasts me 10 years, that would be incredible. Sadly, condoms only last that long for incels.


furiousfran t1_j0gl93h wrote

You choose to fuck, I never asked for this shitty sack of meat that only bleeds and hurts

>tampons cost you $2000 over your entire lifetime. That's around $2 a month

LMFAO sure dude


amscraylane t1_j0gqotq wrote

You sound angry. Is it your time of the month?

Although the menstrual cup is a great invention, it is not practical for everyone. You have to fish it out and clean it. Can you imagine being in a public restroom and having someone come to the sink and clean their cup out?

And then you’re equating having an orgasm and the product used to prevent pregnancy to one that absorbs blood.


MarkVarga t1_j0cxso2 wrote

This extra break absolutely makes sense but it's only fair if these off days will be deducted from the salary as well. But that leads us back to the "women earn less than men" issue.


amscraylane t1_j0eugdx wrote

So you’re getting a break for essentially a woman bleeding every month? Your body is biologically inclined never to revolt.

Where then is my compensation for you having a day of leisure while my uterus is shedding its lining and I am curled in a ball with my heating pad wondering if it is going to be a fart or I am going to shit myself?


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0go8oc wrote

I so read this wrong at first, and thought you were saying having a day off for your period was a day of leisure. Then I read the rest. You've got it spot on. I don't know if you have endometriosis, but a period is still pretty bad, even if you don't have it. I do, but my daughter does not, and she still has days when she has her period where all this is going on. God, men just don't get it. They also don't get they've already got all the privileges. How in god's name do they think they deserve more, when they have nothing wrong!


amscraylane t1_j0gs4n6 wrote

I do not know how anyone lives with endometriosis.

I was having this topic awhile back on another sub and a man suggested they get horny leave because women are not capable of being horny, and it is debilitating for man.


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0hz3rx wrote

Just when I think some men can't get any worse, there always someone. How do creatures like this find partners?


MarkVarga t1_j0u7kdm wrote

> all the privileges

Ah yes. Like 80% of suicides, 99% of war related deaths, a lower life expectancy by several years, 92% of children ending up with their mothers after divorce, sexual harassment against men is being taken as a joke or even a favorable outcome, in quite a lot of countries men can't be raped in a legal sense because it's defined as forcefully inserting something in the other person's body, women's day being a celebration all over the world while men's day doesn't even warrant a doodle on the Google home page, quotas sometimes causing the selection of less talented women over more talented men, 2000+ centers for female SA victims with only a single one for men, women getting shorter sentences for the same crimes...

There is no doubt society is in many occasions uneven and unfair and that there still is a way to go. But don't pretend men have it all