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BleedingEdge61104 t1_j0d5n6p wrote

Good this should become a thing everywhere. I’m a man but I know damn well I wouldn’t want to work during a painful period.


KnotiaPickles t1_j0e812n wrote

Thank you. Some days it is literally agony, even just laying in bed. Add on strenuous activities for 9 hours, and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed tearful end to the workday.

This would be huge for women’s health and well-being


lampofshade t1_j0erz2m wrote

Thank you. No lie last night I was dreaming I was being stabbed in the back and was trying to figure out how to take morphine (lol I was trying to drink it in the dream) and woke up because it was period pain.


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0glmoo wrote

You should watch this video.

It's male broadcasters that have had a "period simulator" attached to them, and they go through the process of the increasing pain. They had a woman from a company called "Somedays" that is natural period pain relief company. She discusses the fact that, periods should not cause pain. It was interesting.


Girls4super t1_j0hjbx6 wrote

I love how the female reporter just coasted through like “yeah no this is nothing.”


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0hv0fq wrote

And yet still the men here are not accepting of the fact that a whole group of people (women) should get more consideration for what they go through. They just don't get that they have always had it pretty good, and we women have to work twice as hard, then have period crap on top of it. But they get sick? You bet they're screaming that they should be given consideration.


Girls4super t1_j0hjahw wrote

I love how the female reporter just coasted through like “yeah no this is nothing.”