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Kaz-Marie t1_j0dguts wrote

I appreciate the thoughtful response, that sounds like an excellent solution as well. I'm glad that the conversation around this is starting, as so many of us have been gaslit or flat out not believed when asking for help with menstrual pain accommodations - when I was a kid, it took me throwing up all over the floor in high school from pain for them to even consider letting me go home to rest. I hope the culture around forcing folks to work at normal capacity during intense periods can start to be dismantled.

For the method that Spain will be trying out, I trust (for now) their solid anti-descrimination laws around the workplace to prevent hiring descrimination. The US doesn't have as good protections in the same sense so I think a government based program like you suggested would work better here - anecdotally, employers here have been awful to my peers who have debilitating periods.