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KnotiaPickles t1_j0e84gz wrote

All businesses should have paid sick days for their staff…


TeamADW t1_j0el8qj wrote

Most do, but there is a limit to what you can provide. A business has to make money off of the activity of the people there. If the take is more than the give, you need to find someone with less take.

that's the point being made here, that employers would look at any woman under retirement age as someone who is going to be taking paid leave 3-12 days a month. To which you can extrapolate that situation further. If someone is taking that leave, monthly, for the maximum allotted time, and its believed to be not in good faith (milking the system) , how does it get addressed without crossing medical information and privacy laws / norms?


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0gmty0 wrote

Well, first, it wouldn't be close to 12 days a month. I had endometriosis, and I would say that the first 2 days of my period were excruciating. If I was lucky, it happened on a weekend, so I could spend two full days, curled on the couch with a heating pad. But thanks for the empathy. I mean, businesses have to make money right? People are irrelevant.


Mrischief t1_j0h5m9y wrote

Yes but what he is saying is with malic this could get nasty for any employer and the risk is higher. It is not about your personal experience in it, not discounting it.


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0hwu8x wrote

My personal experience is the same as 10% of women. It's not an odd situation. And men need to start acting like women are people.


tandemxylophone t1_j0ekscn wrote

But will you be ok covering for other people's circumstances 4 days a month? If there were lots of mums wanting to pick up their kids at 3pm, should they allocate all the unsociable shifts to the childless workers since they are more abled?


KnotiaPickles t1_j0ellml wrote

Children are a Choice. Periods Are Not.

Also, accommodation can be made fairly easily. It is usually only about one day a month that is especially bad for many women, generally the first or second day. It’s more a scheduling issue than anything. The hard part is that we often don’t know exactly when it will come, and this could make a huge difference.


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0gmx2o wrote

As someone pointed out, periods are not optional. And fathers are just as capable of picking up children.


tandemxylophone t1_j0i6ct9 wrote

I'm not saying periods are not serious, just that regardless of it being cancer or tragedy, someone will be covering the responsibilities of the absent person.

Some jobs don't have that much responsibility or the work style is a periodic deliverable, which makes this work.

But if you set up a new one-man business and needed a hire someone to deliver fresh flowers, you won't choose an interviewee who says they have cancer so they need to take a medical leave every month for a week, and they expect that to be paid.