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sorigah t1_j0gmfky wrote

In germany you have basically unlimited sick time and I would expect it to be the same all through Europe.


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0gt413 wrote

I wish the US would take a page out of the book of Europeans. But EVERYTHING here is about the almighty dollar. If you look at the comments, I think you could ascertain that most of these people talking about how this would hurt businesses, are Americans. These people simply don't get that if you are out, and you're treated well by your employer, you're more loyal and would absolutely make up your work if you needed to be gone. I was fortunate enough many years ago to have a (male) boss that understood this, and let me have as much (paid) sick leave as I needed. As a consequence, I didn't take advantage, and would stay late, or come in on weekends, if necessary. But that was on me, my boss never asked me to.