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nico87ca t1_j0gr88c wrote

You understand that giving a day or 2 per month like clockwork is literally 2-4 weeks off per year.

Sorry but if you're off 4-8% more than men, you shouldn't get 1-1 compensation OR men should get some sort of time off.

Or else it's simply not fair.


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0gs1oq wrote

Oh, boo hoo. Life has NEVER been fair for women. Men have ALWAYS had every advantage in the world, and I assure you that if men had periods, they'd miss a week solid. Work can be made up. As someone who worked through chemotherapy, accommodations were made for me so that I could do the work that I was hired to do. And that could be done here. If you have a fever, do you go to work? Men get paid more to start with. Was that ever fair? They don't have to work as hard doing the same work as women simply to keep their jobs.


nico87ca t1_j0gtglh wrote

This is like a gold mine of biases.

I don't know where to start...

I simply believe in equality of genders. If you want to think women deserve more than men, it's your view, but I would fight this to my dying day.

Women oppression was a bad thing. Just like slavery also was. To exploit someone because of its sex or race is wrong. I live by this standard and will die by it.

No matter the reason, this policy gives a specific subgroup of human a benefit not everyone can have.

It's fundamentally unfair.


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0hy4at wrote

That you said oppression "was" a bad thing tells me a lot here. We are still oppressed, and I don't see it stopping. If anything with all these asshat republicans and their religious biases, it's getting worse. You want equality of genders? Then start by treating us as people. Don't talk over us. Don't talk down to us. Don't act like we need you to protect us.

When half the population suffers from what is tantamount to an illness, then yes, they deserve a break for that. You don't get it, because it's never happened to you. If you see that as a bias, then so be it. And yes, right now, we do deserve more. Maybe it will make up for the thousands of years of men acting like women are possessions, or servants.


nico87ca t1_j0i61nn wrote

"maybe it will make up for the thousands of years of men acting like women are servants"

So you're telling me that to make it fair, women should oppress men "to make it up". On top of this you're asking men to be cool with that.


That's totally reasonable!


Mrischief t1_j0h808e wrote

Are you for real ?

Men as in who ? Historically everyone in humanity was a serf, slave or lived close to their families. Oh you mean men as in rich men ? Well see the problem there is that MOST MEN are not rich, and yes you will the bring up the argument of childbirth and the risk for women, which is subtantial for sure during those times.

Men / XY have during most of history been the partner that has assumed risk comparatively to set food, do harder labour, die younger (barring sickness / complication from childbirth).

So how exactly are you arguing that it is MEN that has had it better ? Kings, nobels, New money has risen to the top and guess what, they want to maximize profits.

You dont get to cheery pick statistics for one thing, you do so comparatively, or not at all.


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0hwo6b wrote

I'm actually laughing. That you think women have EVER had it better than any class of men is not just naive, it's lunacy. Not cherry picking any statistics, but apparently you are if you don't understand that men have ALWAYS had it better. And wow, that you think because men had it bad a thousand years ago, that that somehow made their lives just as bad as women's, then you need to do a little more research. Women could be beaten and or killed if their husbands wanted, with no repercussions. So, yeah, having to work in a field doing back breaking work, so much worse /s. Comparing what men had to go through to Kings and nobels is so beyond ridiculous since those were the 1% of their time.


Mrischief t1_j0i2ug4 wrote

Which fields of study do women go into ?

Do they pay as much or equal as men (in that profession) ?

So there is a subset of women that go into being programmers, lawyers, doctors and politicians, so why should the achivements not be on Merit insteas of a gender ?

Who is more likely to go to college or university ? What subjects do they do ?

Who gets drafted in wars, by force ? Is that equal ?

What about courts or divorce proceedings ?

Now, back to the topic at hand. Spain has about 22 days give or take sick days, why do we have to spell out a benefit for painful menstruation precisely ?

When men get sick, we tend to be sicker than women does that mean we should get extra sick days because of it ?

«Men are more susceptible to them, symptoms are worse, they last longer, and men are more likely to be hospitalized and die from the flu." Dr. Kyle sue clinical assistant professor in family medicine

So what exactly do you want ? Cause equality across the gender gap is not happening, we have our own struggles to deal with. And we could expand that to different continents have different issues.