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TrulyStupidNewb t1_j0gsku2 wrote

It's not okay because the days off will affect women negatively by limiting their options for employment. Sometimes, the worst decisions come from good intentions. I just gave an extreme example of how a good idea can become a bad idea.

How about this? If you wanted to give paid women days off for their period, the correct way would be to also give paid days off for men too. This way, there is no uneven competition, which is equality. The time off can be flex, and you can use use 4 flex days in a row all at once, if you want.

This way, women can choose to use the flex days off during their periods if they want, or move it if they don't want. This also benefits women who don't have periods, such as older women, and well as men.

However, some companies already give flex days like that, so if a woman cares about flex days like that, right now, they can simply apply for those companies. For example, the company I work for gives flex time off, paid, for both men and women, regardless of period or not.


amscraylane t1_j0gvehs wrote

We have a level playing field now. Every one shows up to work, but half of the workforce has to pretend they not menstruating. If a woman needs to take a day off, it comes out of their sick days.

With your scenario, men are getting a day of leisure and I am curled up in a ball trying to figure out if it is a fart or am I going to shit myself?

So once again, men get the advantage because you do not have a body part that revolts. So while woman are at home in genuine pain, you get to have a day of golf to make it “fair”?

The only fairness would be then if we get one of those machines that simulated cramps and made you wear a suit simulating the 5 lbs of water weight you take on, and then surprise you with a gush of blood in your underwear and have a voice that says, “you bled through your pants and onto the chair”


TrulyStupidNewb t1_j0gwy9s wrote

I'm not saying to not empathize with women who menstruate. I'm saying certain policies that attempt to fix that problem will hurt women further, and it is not my intention to hurt women.

In another side example, women on the pill do not menstruate much, but why should they suffer a disadvantage in getting hired because they are a woman? They shouldn't.