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nico87ca t1_j0gtglh wrote

This is like a gold mine of biases.

I don't know where to start...

I simply believe in equality of genders. If you want to think women deserve more than men, it's your view, but I would fight this to my dying day.

Women oppression was a bad thing. Just like slavery also was. To exploit someone because of its sex or race is wrong. I live by this standard and will die by it.

No matter the reason, this policy gives a specific subgroup of human a benefit not everyone can have.

It's fundamentally unfair.


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0hy4at wrote

That you said oppression "was" a bad thing tells me a lot here. We are still oppressed, and I don't see it stopping. If anything with all these asshat republicans and their religious biases, it's getting worse. You want equality of genders? Then start by treating us as people. Don't talk over us. Don't talk down to us. Don't act like we need you to protect us.

When half the population suffers from what is tantamount to an illness, then yes, they deserve a break for that. You don't get it, because it's never happened to you. If you see that as a bias, then so be it. And yes, right now, we do deserve more. Maybe it will make up for the thousands of years of men acting like women are possessions, or servants.


nico87ca t1_j0i61nn wrote

"maybe it will make up for the thousands of years of men acting like women are servants"

So you're telling me that to make it fair, women should oppress men "to make it up". On top of this you're asking men to be cool with that.


That's totally reasonable!