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LaserTurboShark69 t1_j0dk7ex wrote

They only win a million dollars?


MysteriousB t1_j0e25py wrote

I think there's plenty of other reality shows which ask you to do much more, for much less


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0gogit wrote

This is very kind, but this shouldn't have to happen. Our government should be kissing the feet of men that serve in combat, or just in general.


BrokenLightningBolt t1_j0gsjqa wrote

This is the real story. Don't disguise bread crumbs of hope as uplifting. Its fucking sad the way veterans are treated. It was sad learning about it and seeing it. They don't care about us


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0hyrsn wrote

What amazes me is how many service people vote republican, and those are the ones that want to take and take from them.


magstothat t1_j0gsvn3 wrote

Agree – it's like when people vote against affordable healthcare, then pray that gofundme will help cover a catastrophic illness.


Louloubelle0312 t1_j0hynuh wrote

Exactly. I'm from outside of Chicago, and Steve McMichael of the Bears is huge here. The guy was an NFL player for years, including the famous Superbowl win. He now has ALS. While I feel sorry for him, why is there a GoFundMe for him? I mean, did he piss away all that he got playing? Not to mention a wresting career, and a radio show? Asking for something like that seems like the height of arrogance.


manbearpug3 t1_j0emiw0 wrote

Very admirable, but god damn he was not good at survivor. I have no idea how he won.


Moonwatcher23 OP t1_j0eu7a8 wrote

I'm pretty sure he won at the final tribal while selling to the jury. Say what you will about his low key strategy for the whole season, but he talked his way to victory which is impressive.


Spikedcloud t1_j0hlrez wrote

Did it really go to vets? I saw someone say he was a Trump stan and anti-vax and the money went to a right wing super pac.


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1_g0round t1_j0efjzz wrote

lead by example.....ohh rah


LordDragon88 t1_j0gyrxx wrote

Dies anyone even watch this show anymore?


wadewad t1_j0hecd9 wrote

Somebody should find the winner, stick a pistol in the face and say "you're not gonna survive this unless you give me 25% of that facking million dollars!"

"See how good you survive this, Piezz'e merd!"


LostBoyz007 t1_j0eefjk wrote

43 seasons and still utter trash


[deleted] t1_j0dor11 wrote



Moonwatcher23 OP t1_j0doy8b wrote

To be fair, I did mark it as a spoiler.


felttheneedtosay t1_j0dzfci wrote

But without reading your comments or linked article the headline post on this occasion gives the winner away to anyone who has been watching I think.


bungle-in-the-jungle t1_j0j5bfh wrote

Same. I had just the finale left to watch and it was pretty clear to me who the winner was going to be now. I for sure knew who wasn't going to win after reading OP's title and that left very few other options.


jericbear t1_j0dpfl5 wrote

You have his picture on the post. I swear, I have intentionally stayed away from all news sources today. Had no clue your sub would ruin it. Happens every time.


Moonwatcher23 OP t1_j0dq9z9 wrote

Winners have been spoiled for you in the past?


jericbear t1_j0drbyq wrote

Oh, not by you...haha. By the universe. You're fine. You have a wonderful sub and I appreciate the posts that you guys make, it makes life less gloomy. I just got upset for a few minutes. Every year it gets spoiled from somewhere. If it weren't you, it would've been someone else.


Fun-Gap4015 t1_j0eqq4g wrote

The world apologizes for not being perfect and wishes you a better life