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Moonwatcher23 OP t1_j0doy8b wrote

To be fair, I did mark it as a spoiler.


felttheneedtosay t1_j0dzfci wrote

But without reading your comments or linked article the headline post on this occasion gives the winner away to anyone who has been watching I think.


bungle-in-the-jungle t1_j0j5bfh wrote

Same. I had just the finale left to watch and it was pretty clear to me who the winner was going to be now. I for sure knew who wasn't going to win after reading OP's title and that left very few other options.


jericbear t1_j0dpfl5 wrote

You have his picture on the post. I swear, I have intentionally stayed away from all news sources today. Had no clue your sub would ruin it. Happens every time.


Moonwatcher23 OP t1_j0dq9z9 wrote

Winners have been spoiled for you in the past?


jericbear t1_j0drbyq wrote

Oh, not by you...haha. By the universe. You're fine. You have a wonderful sub and I appreciate the posts that you guys make, it makes life less gloomy. I just got upset for a few minutes. Every year it gets spoiled from somewhere. If it weren't you, it would've been someone else.