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SilverNicktail t1_j0e13xq wrote

Excellent news. Now, if only we can get humans to apply the principle of "adopt, don't shop" to other humans...

(Well, I suppose in that case it would be "adopt, don't breed", but you get the idea.)


BillDauterive4 t1_j0ed3h6 wrote

Best of luck doing so- seriously. Humans (sadly) easily overlook the fact that millions of cats and dogs are put to sleep in shelters in this country every year, if the accessory pet they want is purchase-only.


VLenin2291 t1_j0e8x04 wrote

“Adopt, don’t shop” would still be kinda applicable in parts of the world where human trafficking and outright slavery remain common


Kelend t1_j0ihtrd wrote

The adoption market has a shortage of babies.

Plenty of teenagers with mental health issues though.