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Ineludible_Ruin t1_j0hz7gu wrote

God forbid someone is picked for something based upon their merits and qualifications


citytiger OP t1_j0i3na0 wrote

What makes you think she wasn’t?


Ineludible_Ruin t1_j0i4rgl wrote

I don't necessarily think she wasn't, but its hard to tell if she actually was when the title of the article and the article itself seem to make the center point her race and gender before qualifications. Her race and gender should be irrelevant and not mentioned at all to her appointment.


citytiger OP t1_j0imt3a wrote

what would you have preferred the headline to say?


Ineludible_Ruin t1_j0inr3m wrote

Harvard has elected its new president: Claudine Gay Or Welcome Harvard's new president: Claudine Gay

Then, the text of the article goes on to state who she succeeded and what her credentials are. What directions she intends to take the college... plans... etc.


citytiger OP t1_j0io3x8 wrote

so the fact that she's the first black person to hold the position shouldn't even be mentioned? Its historic. Next time a black woman is chosen the article likely wont say Harvard choses its second black president. The article does say what she did prior.


Ineludible_Ruin t1_j0iweyu wrote

No. If the goal of our country is to follow what mlk preached when he said "I look to a day when people will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." That's how it should be, but constantly pointing out someone's race, gender, sexual orientation...etc, whenever they achieve something is perpetuating discrmatory thought, especially with our current political atmosphere and articles like this that make it seem like they were chosen just for those reasons. If the government and companies and big cities where the majority of the population lie are as progressive as they claim to be, then it should come as no surprise when someone of x, y, or z gets elected, (assuming they're elected based on merits and just so happen to be x,y, or z) as they were chosen simply based upon being the best candidate, which is how it should be.


heleuma t1_j0je6oy wrote

I totally agree with you. There is a need for us to place people in baskets so we can apply our stereotypes.

One another note, she's actually the first Harvard President in 386 years that wasn't of a particular race and only the second of a particular gender, which is a sad reflection of the school and not at all a reflection of the student body. So I guess just embrace the progress?


citytiger OP t1_j0ixxx5 wrote

I do not disagree with you but you don't think the historic nature of the being the first should be mentioned at all?


Queen_General_617 t1_j0xl24f wrote

So I'm assuming you’re white? Why is it that white folks always weaponize MLK’s “I Had A Dream” speech? Have you heard any other speeches by him? Or are you using solely those specific words to ignore the blatant issues that minorities face? Did you know that he also recanted his speech because of white moderates like yourself? Please educate yourself on MLK and Black History before you use his words. Then, and only then, will you understand why we are still in a state where it is necessary to point out the fact that she is black. Especially considering how racist and discriminatory PWIs in America have historically (and recently) been to Black Americans.