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Renaissance_Slacker t1_j0iabxp wrote

I had a co-worker years ago who bought an ice cream stand where two roads met in the boonies. Shortly thereafter he learned that all the surrounding land had been secretly bought up by a developer to build hundreds of executive homes - with his convenience store smack in the middle.


aBoyandHisVacuum t1_j0idbhd wrote

"That property is worth jack squat, you can have it for 10k" .....12 years later, million dollar commercial property. Heck yeah! I love ice cream. Im sure the builders did too


Renaissance_Slacker t1_j0ies4e wrote

They were going to tear down the stand and put in a convenience store. The funniest part: when the store was done, he was going to put in a silly DVD rental box from a startup called Netflix.