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FairCheek6825 t1_j0et1t0 wrote

Now this is how you build a loyal hardworking employee base people!


tnnrk t1_j0j7vhh wrote

Or get people to quit. If the work sucks I’d imagine there’s a large population of people who would just take it and use it to do something else they wanna do career wise. I know I would. But if I loved landscaping or had zero other interests or job paths then yeah I’d stay.


Terp_Villain t1_j0ew7dk wrote

In the cannabis industry holiday “bonuses” are the companies laying off 75% of the staff they underpaid without ever providing health or dental benefits.


Sneed_is_king t1_j0fp1o9 wrote

Even a 1K bonus would be life-changing for me at this point, but I will never make that much.
Born into poverty, die in poverty for most of us.


aBoyandHisVacuum t1_j0grsku wrote

You have no idea whats ahead. So many incredible things could happen. You buy a small home on the side of a highway, boom truck flips over and lands on part of your property, company sends a check for 200k. Lifes weird, a Boeing engine jet part lands on your roof. Million dollar settlment. You open a tiny pizza spot and in 10 years your worth over a billion dollars. Or you make an honest living, have like 2 wonderful kids and you die happy, thats more then wealth could ever bring :) im getting off track but keep your head up.


GettingBetterDaily94 t1_j0i7aqx wrote

This is beautiful, especially the end. Life is funny sometimes


aBoyandHisVacuum t1_j0i7yg7 wrote

Exactly! Its amazing! The truck story is based on my relative who has a beautiful lil house in california because an oil tanker spilled on some uncles property in the 80s on the east coast. 20 years later they got some huge check. Luckily all really good hard working people so cant hate


Renaissance_Slacker t1_j0iabxp wrote

I had a co-worker years ago who bought an ice cream stand where two roads met in the boonies. Shortly thereafter he learned that all the surrounding land had been secretly bought up by a developer to build hundreds of executive homes - with his convenience store smack in the middle.


aBoyandHisVacuum t1_j0idbhd wrote

"That property is worth jack squat, you can have it for 10k" .....12 years later, million dollar commercial property. Heck yeah! I love ice cream. Im sure the builders did too


Renaissance_Slacker t1_j0ies4e wrote

They were going to tear down the stand and put in a convenience store. The funniest part: when the store was done, he was going to put in a silly DVD rental box from a startup called Netflix.


ironinside t1_j0ibrc5 wrote

Poverty sucks. The worst thing about it is the almighty limiting belief that there is no one way out.

Personally I failed at getting out of it for years, until I did, one sacrifice, and one step at a time.

In hindsight the most important thing was never giving up, and accepting early I was on a years long road.

But it can be done, if you have basic mental and physical ability. Just not quickly, and we all love “instant gratification.”


JMSeaTown t1_j0ln8qu wrote

Ya, just give up now, not worth trying to change your path.


Renaissance_Slacker t1_j0i9xdl wrote

I remember two brothers (Indonesian IIRC) started their own company making computer memory and eventually sold it for $200 million. They split half the proceeds and awarded the other half to their employees based on years of service. They seemed baffled why anyone would do differently since it was the employees that made the company possible.



My work does profit share. 30% of net profits gets put into the pool. Title and contribution gains you more. A person who started as a delivery driver 4 years later is a project manager who took home $80,000 from their profit share alone.


Renaissance_Slacker t1_j0ivlyh wrote

Oh God then the shrieks of “Socialism” begin. If four trust-fund morons aren’t going home with 95% of the total payroll it’s straight Karl Marx


dryancor t1_j0gdlyo wrote

I doubt the guy blowing the leaves got more than 1k


Just_One_Hit t1_j0gzefp wrote

>Excluding the top leadership team, 1,200 employees received bonuses reportedly ranging from $7,000 to $200,000.


KennstduIngo t1_j0gfaqz wrote

Yeah, the headline is a bit sensational. With $28 million shared amongst 1200 employees, most would have gotten less than $23k. I mean, I wouldn't turn it down.



Oh no less than $23,000!?!!? What a rip off


KennstduIngo t1_j0jm8i2 wrote

Who said anything about it being a rip-off? $23k is obviously nothing to sneeze at, but it isn't anything like $200k.


Circlemadeeverything t1_j0fecrp wrote

How much are they making in landscaping for goodness sake? And I bet most of it is on the government’s tab in dc


Mreverybody t1_j0fkwbm wrote

Landscapers make pretty good money but it’s hard work.


Wonderful-Assist2077 t1_j0g9emx wrote

Hard work is not worth it because most of the money you make with "hard" work is just future hospital bills. I work in a factory and my shoulder and back is all messed up from lifting and moving stuff and working on concrete is hell on my legs. The only reason I still work there is that they offer health insurance and it's close to my home 8 miles away. I am trying to look into something less physically demanding so I don't ruin my body by retirement age.


BucBrady t1_j0h8dp3 wrote

Not all the hard work landscaping companies do is labor intensive.


Just_One_Hit t1_j0gzk7d wrote

>The company said it was able to give out the bonuses because of a recent partnership with an investment firm.


fsacb3 t1_j0g3wdk wrote

Cool but maybe pay them more throughout the year if they’re making that much money?


NotBrooklyn2421 t1_j0i66fe wrote

This is peak Reddit. A company is paying some very significant holiday bonuses and some knucklehead turns it into a negative. I gotta get away from this cesspool.


fsacb3 t1_j0i6dso wrote

Sorry to harsh your mellow. I’m glad they’re getting a bonus. I’d just like fair wages for everyone, all the time. I’m not a knucklehead, I promise


Squeebee007 t1_j0hm3z9 wrote

Because you don't know how much money you'll make that year until the year is over.


Keffpie t1_j0i5ydh wrote

That sounds great, but only works in at-will, no-regulation states/countries. Everywhere else, that means expanding fixed costs because of probably short-term super-profits, which will eventually lead to companies going under as soon as the economy turns bad. Happened a lot in the 70s.

I'm not arguing against fair wages, far from it, but bonuses are a better way of dealing with windfall profits.


fsacb3 t1_j0i6g1u wrote

Ok I get it. I’m not a businessman. I stand corrected


Keffpie t1_j0iwbf3 wrote

Dude, this is some difficult shit. I own a business that is worth maybe $50m. Dividends per year for me are about $200k (profits are in the $2m range).

I am literally trying to make more of that go to my employees but it's not easy. Anything I do is apt to wreck the company. The best I can do is give them a really good Christmas bonus, and pledge (to myself) that if I ever sell the company, the employees will get half.

But that will literally mean me giving them a gift of whatever their portion of half is. If I do it any other way (like, officially) I'd break the company. I've seen it happen. Once people start thinking about future wealth, your culture gets fucked. And Culture beats strategy any day.


fsacb3 t1_j0ix253 wrote

I’m way out of my depth here. You sound like a good person trying to do the right thing. I shouldn’t have commented since I have no clue what it’s like to own a business


Keffpie t1_j0j57rs wrote

Hey, I'm just using you as a springboard for my own frustrations at this point. I am literally a rich person unable to give money away. It's insane.

That said, what we've done is we pay everyone a more than fair wage (way above average for our sector), insane pensions scheme, and obviously we respect the parental leave laws in our country. We also give gratuities when we've done well.

We're not on the stock exchange, so we can't give options on shares, and the law makes it really advantageous to own more than 90% of your company.

We give the exact same bonus to everyone, regardless of salary. Who cares if the people in the warehouse therefore gets a higher percentage bonus; they probably need it more. We've toyed with the idea of bonuses being more formalized, but it always ends up with people expecting and even spending the bonus... and getting royally possed off if they then miss a milestone because one guy was sick or another was on paternal leave. Not worth it, ruins cohesion.

All in all, it's really hard to give people bonuses without wrecking your company.


Trelloant t1_j0jyasa wrote

Pretty interesting to read as an biz econ student appreciate you writing it all out.


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DFuel t1_j0i4zcy wrote

CEO identifies as an employee...


googz187 t1_j0gftud wrote

I like this. Bonus’ are usually taxed higher.

Edit: thanks to everyone for clarifying.


jorgepolak t1_j0gl0ib wrote

They’re not. It’s just income like your normal paycheck.


Snip3 t1_j0i8md8 wrote

This comment is getting some flak, and correctly because it's wrong, but I can kind of see how someone would think that as bonuses are only withheld at a 22% tax rate so people who receive large bonuses probably notice paying more (or receiving less) during tax season than they're used to.