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citytiger t1_j0injj4 wrote

Good. This barbarism should have been outlawed years ago.


Noble-saw-Robot t1_j0iz5f6 wrote

Hopefully sport fishing for sharks is banned next


possiblynotanexpert t1_j0j7xx2 wrote

Sport hunting in general, in the water or not.


Innocent-_-Bystander t1_j0j8ep6 wrote

Do you live in deer rich environment?. There is such a thing as population control.


possiblynotanexpert t1_j0j9ws1 wrote

Then go kill some deer and eat them. Nothing wrong with that in the slightest.


Innocent-_-Bystander t1_j0ja7kb wrote

Sport hunting is part of population control of different invasive species. To say we don't need sport hunting is inaccurate.


RusstyDog t1_j0jwh2v wrote

Good thing they said to ban sport hunting not population control hunting.


God_Damnit_Nappa t1_j0jsf10 wrote

>The practice of shark finning, whereby sharks are caught for their fins and their carcasses then dumped back into the ocean, has been banned in U.S. waters for decades