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Regnes t1_j0iox1c wrote

While this is good, it's a drop in the bucket and won't stop or impede extinction all that much. China and Hong Kong are the problem, unless we stop them, they are going to extinct all the sharks.


easy_Money t1_j0j01hq wrote

Japan too. For cultures that have cuisine largely dependent on seafood, they sure do seem hellbent on making sure there isn't much of it left in the near future. There's a very real chance that bluefin tuna will be all but extinct in the coming decades.


keiranlovett t1_j0jdc42 wrote

Good news about Hong Kong is there’s a strong decline in appreciation for it, and if memory serves me correct the endangered species is more strictly monitored. I could easily see it being banned soon with little push back from elder generations.


Jacobs4525 t1_j0jewm9 wrote

Imitation artificial shark fin soup is also becoming more popular there which is helping to reduce demand for the real thing.


THE_WIZARD_OF_PAWS t1_j0jhakc wrote

If it's imitating artificial shark fin soup, is that not just.... Shark fin soup?


Jacobs4525 t1_j0jhg5r wrote

no lol I used a sort of double negative I guess, imitation shark fin made from some kind of artificial material is what I’m talking about


Imaginary_Guarantee t1_j0kzvov wrote

I really love the fake stuff. Here they make it with chicken eggs.

The real stuff is banned here since before i was born in the early 90s, i dont know why they keep on calling it sharkfinsoup though. Just name it eggsoup allready.


Piklia t1_j0jjthg wrote

Taiwan and Japan are also large consumers of shark fin soup. It’s not just China. There are other countries that consume it as well.


Happy-Mousse8615 t1_j0jfhkj wrote

And Taiwan. Think it was largely banned in mainland China a while back. No idea if that applied to HK too though.


DemoKith t1_j0kg2ro wrote

And USA will extinct marine life with it's fishing industries. Don't be a hypocrite and let them eat the sharks.


dynex811 t1_j0kwzl6 wrote

The USA plants more fish than any other country, so ur wrong