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Jacobs4525 t1_j0jewm9 wrote

Imitation artificial shark fin soup is also becoming more popular there which is helping to reduce demand for the real thing.


THE_WIZARD_OF_PAWS t1_j0jhakc wrote

If it's imitating artificial shark fin soup, is that not just.... Shark fin soup?


Jacobs4525 t1_j0jhg5r wrote

no lol I used a sort of double negative I guess, imitation shark fin made from some kind of artificial material is what I’m talking about


Imaginary_Guarantee t1_j0kzvov wrote

I really love the fake stuff. Here they make it with chicken eggs.

The real stuff is banned here since before i was born in the early 90s, i dont know why they keep on calling it sharkfinsoup though. Just name it eggsoup allready.