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AmethystOrator OP t1_j0jf340 wrote

I don't know, politics are sometimes like that. I only know that as part of a defense bill there's no way Biden doesn't sign this.


Ixosis t1_j0jgfln wrote

If ya really want something passed, and it can be tacked onto the defense spending bill, it's guaranteed to pass. Not all things can be tacked on, though


StargazingJuniper t1_j0jhg07 wrote

The annual Farm Bill get a lot of weird riders like this because it's something politicians have decided is always a must pass bill


gimpwiz t1_j0jufpg wrote

Biden would have signed it standalone, I am 98% sure. It doesn't seem like 'shark fin trade yes please' is on his agenda. Presidents tend not to use veto power for stuff that isn't particularly important to their agenda, so ...


ssfbob t1_j0jp6zn wrote

Things that have nothing to do with the law being proposed often get slipped in.