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123full t1_j0k7frg wrote

I mean theoretically this could empower the US navy to go after foreign vassals engaging in Shark fun fin trading, the US has pretty much since it’s inception take the position that it has the right to intervene in crimes taking place in international waters. Not saying that this does it, but it could open the door up for it later down the line


jw8815 t1_j0ks1jh wrote

Legally no. The Navy isn't a law enforcement agency. Much like the Army can't enforce laws on land. Also, US law doesn't extend into areas that aren't the US.


brodoswaggins93 t1_j0l40e9 wrote

Shark finning has already been banned in the US for a while, and they don't go after finning boats in international waters.

CITES recently restricted international trade on roughly 90% of shark fins, so there's already going to be international cooperation on seizing shark fins from protected species in the ports of approximately 170 countries. There's no reason for the US to take things into their own hands in international waters when it will already be dealt with by border agents both in the country of the fins' origin and in the importing country.