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gnudarve t1_j0lsk5z wrote

He went on a fun little getaway trip and neglected to tell his parents. Whoopty-do.


AfterMoonSet t1_j0lv9wf wrote

"American Helicopter Parents over reacting, putting a whole country on high a alert, because their 22 year old adult child, decided to do that typical thing a young man does in Europe; travel the country for a bit without contacting anyone"

Son is publicly embarrassed by his parents

He didn't even know he was missing

Parents are perceived by the French people as the entitled, naive, fear based m, stereotypical Americans that they are.


psdumas t1_j0n8y1e wrote

He's never gonna live this down. Mom came and picked him up in France. A guy just trying to do his own thing without having to call ma and pa everyday. Poor kid.


Towelnest t1_j0lmkjb wrote

I was sure this story wouldn’t have a good ending. Very glad that I was wrong.


Jkpoker13 t1_j1odtge wrote

I agree with this. Normally when parents don’t hear from kids- you expect them to randomly end up dead. (In scenario what was described- a week is a long time go no communication to Us parents when traveling overseas)

Ok now I’m not being super negative here but I feel it’s a big goof by the kid to not check up with his parents. When I go on vacation for a week across the country (us) or another country like Mexico which I did recently, I text one parent a day to let them know I’m still breathing and good. I think it’s really rude of the kid to not check with his parents every few days to let them know he’s ok. Is it that difficult to send a quick text saying “im ok”. It makes him and his family look a tad foolish when they have to complain to have their son searched for. Kid goofed. It’s nice to hear he is alive though. Idc what anyone says- I think the worst when parents don’t hear from their kid overseas for an extended time. It’s a lot different traveling overseas Vs just being in the US. Folks can say what they want but cops can be crooked in certain foreign countries. An American going missing also- nobody is going to care in Europe unless brought to their attention by the parents.


awhq t1_j0pxf2t wrote

I bet his Dad feels a fool for complaining how law enforcement wasn't doing enough for his son who seems to have just fucked off on holiday.


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