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Mysteriousdeer t1_j0m7ozt wrote

I'm hoping this is acknowledged more when we talk about culture. Everyone that experiences it seems to feel it when they don't conveniently fit into one box.

Class, skin color, race, experiences, theres stuff I'm not listing but they all contribute to diversity.


johnn48 t1_j0mbyaq wrote

As Ted Lasso said be curious, that’s always been my motto. So when I see the word diversity, I’m curious what does the person mean. I admit I’m a Boomer and the buzz words and acronyms having me searching Google quite often. Just identifying myself as an American of Mexican descent, am I Chicano, MexAm, or whatever LatinX is? So do we lead me people to diverse views and cultures or hit them over the head with them. Are we judgmental or accepting, confrontational or open to dialogue. Do I have to accept diversity without question or can I still have reservations. Are your Music choices better than mine or is there room for both. Are all our choices binary or do I have to accept your definition as the correct one? Stay curious my friend.