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blueelffishy t1_j0mgdn6 wrote

Honestly i blame left wing politics for making identity politics the focal point that consumes almost every topic. Makes it so that even when race can be a genuinely interesting and relevant topic such as this guy it gets dismissed as part of the lunacy.

race is not everything, its not nothing, its just something

To people downvoting this, theres a reason why NYC asians and latinos are turning more and more red by the day. Identity politics has its benefits, but a lot of you dont realize just how much obsession with it takes attention away from some of the main structural disadvantages affecting working class poc


izzittho t1_j0mpsyp wrote

“Dismissed as part of the lunacy”

You say it right here, the problem is the people dismissing legitimate topics as “part of the lunacy,” - the problem is the right painting things as lunacy when they’re not. Because of racism, generally. If they drown out anyone trying to discuss this shit, they don’t have to worry about someone in the middle listening long enough to realize they agree. Just paint it as crazy before anyone even gets to hear what they have to say.

See also: painting other very un-radical left wing ideas as radical to attempt to paint the average persons views as further right than they really are.


pleasekillmerightnow t1_j0mpv04 wrote

That’s because the GOP blocks anything policy that benefits the working or poor class of all races.