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matgrioni t1_j0mtnnt wrote

His father immigrated from Japan. By most reasonable measures he can claim to be asian-american. It's not that he has 1% Japanese ancestry as you imply.

I'm not sure what the weird take is you think he is making.


Britz10 t1_j0oksqa wrote

His father could be black or mixed race, the US has military bases in Japan and soldiers often father children while stationed there. Zazie Beetz has a similar life story but in Germany.


matgrioni t1_j0os83i wrote

The article says his grandmother is Japanese too. I'm not sure why you're trying to poke imaginary holes in his story.


Britz10 t1_j0p4z9x wrote

No it just stuck out when it mentioned a father that immigrated from Japan without explicitly saying he was Japan


bmobitch t1_j0pmp93 wrote

i don’t really think it matters, but apparently his dad is not full japanese. his grandmother presumably is though. i don’t know what else his father is. i don’t want to guess people’s race. i just saw online that his dad is mixed and his grandpa was not japanese. and when you look up a photo of him that checks out.