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iamnotexactlywhite t1_j0mto5w wrote

there’s a lot of races within UK as well, and nobody is calling black people African-Brits or some shit like that. Hungarians aren’t called Hungarian-Germans in Berlin either.


RunninOnMT t1_j0mviv2 wrote

A lot of it is people just treating you differently. You can grow up in a white neighborhood, but if you’re the only kid at school who gets tofu and kimchi in your lunch, it doesn’t really matter what you self identify as. You will be identified by your peers a certain way.


lookatmynipples t1_j0myzra wrote

I saw it as people identify that way because they get treated differently. They grew up in the same place but they are still viewed differently because of their race and not always seen as just “American,” unless I’m mistaken and you’re referring to people who try to refer themselves as just their nationality