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Persianator t1_j0mule3 wrote

This is known as peer group influence. There’s quite a bit of research that shows the group of people you grow up with are as important for a child’s development as the family unit.

There’s a lot of truth to the old saying of falling in with a bad crowd.

It’s why you see some people in prison who come from loving families but display psychopathic traits. If you’re around an environment that displays certain behaviors as normal and positive but in reality are anti-social, you and society are in for a bad time.

Obviously this can work in the inverse as well. Come from a rough background full of trauma and adversity, having an avenue that provides both physical and psychological safety can build resilience.

Be mindful of who you spent time around people, it can literally change the trajectory of your life.

Signed, Your friendly neighborhood psychologist


curiousarcher t1_j0qwz7v wrote

All of my BF’s friends are toxic AF. But they are from childhood and he won’t let them go. Wish that would change but honestly it’s one of the reasons I think I will make a change at some point. I don’t want those people in my life.

(Liars, cheaters, one of them is Mexican but racist towards black people and pretty much conspiracy theorists all around.) My bf isn’t like that, but of course no one escapes unscathed.