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crookedframe13 t1_j0ngeix wrote

I'm half korean and its been interesting. I look different enough that non-asian people know I'm some sort of mixed so there's a lot of "What are yous" in my life. And when I tell them I'm half korean, I'll be asian to them. That's it. For the asian people in my life it depends on my relationship to them. For my asian friends, I'm asian. For acquaintances, I don't make the cut. Lol.

I think I was incredibly lucky though because for the majority of my childhood and up until high school, people like me (half asian) were the majority in my school. (DoDDS schools for the win!) It was the non-mixed kids who were the minority.


Steccca t1_j0o8zut wrote

Dodds schools alum here! Spent most of my life overseas and when I came back home to America it was weird. I couldn't explain to people why I didn't feel like an American even though I was one. I was use to living in another culture, there was lingo I didn't understand and references I didn't have. Getting asked the where are you from question was never simple. Only other people who moved a lot understood. All that to say I can relate!