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Phoenixstorm t1_j0rivgi wrote

Gross. Racism is gross. People all over the world commit crimes. White people commit crimes. Black people commit crimes. Asians commit crimes. Brown people commit crimes. Stop racializing everything.

And stop trying to pit black americans against black immigrants. My family has been black american in this country since the 1600's and we have doctors, lawyers, teachers and engineers in our family for the last 200 years. So stfu.


The3rdRepublic t1_j0rl6gp wrote

Of course all races commit crimes

I do understand why my statement can make you feel hurt. However, my statement is not about you, or the people u stated in family

However, the fact is Blacks population, descended from the slaves are more associated with crimes

Just because a population is associated with more crimes, doesn't mean the majority of that population are criminals. For example, let's say the frequency of left handedness in one population is 1%, and the left handedness in another population is 10%. The majority of the 2nd population are not left handed