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Informal_Self_5671 t1_j0nuxty wrote

Eat shit, Russia.


acchaladka t1_j0q1fx0 wrote

I upvoted for the correct punctuation and grammar, as well as the sentiment. Thank you.


Kaloo75 t1_j0ozjm3 wrote

Happy cakeday man. And thanks for the chuckle.


Specialist-Lion-8135 t1_j0pasyi wrote

Having seen the devastation, I can hardly fathom the titanic effort that brought this wonderful accomplishment. I am so happy for them.


Tb1969 t1_j0q3dxw wrote

I honestly don't believe it. I don't care though since it makes Putin look even less ineffective than he already is.


wild_man_wizard t1_j0q6plo wrote

The history of strategic bombing shows dropping bombs on civilians paradoxically tends to increase rather than degrade morale, and an attitude of "fuck the procedure, just get it working" tends to expedite a lot of repairs.

To wit, there's records of German factories in WWII being more productive the month after being bombed compared to the month before.


pointlesslyredundant t1_j0plaao wrote

Texas power grid is looking really pathetic right now.


gbchrome t1_j0ppzpb wrote

Don’t worry, Ted Cruz always has a plan.. Cancun!


JaggedEdgeRow t1_j0r2myc wrote

Well it keeps working for him, so…


WORKING2WORK t1_j0rdm98 wrote

Right, why would he try to change anything for the better if it doesn't benefit him?


lolitalula t1_j0pefl2 wrote

I'm so sick of Putin, his people need to take him out of power immediately


Optimal-Judgment-982 t1_j0p3nu6 wrote

fuck man. that's great! what an amazing Christmas gift.

my Dad is Czech and my Mom was Uke. I feel for those people every damn day


dead_PROcrastinator t1_j0q0jy3 wrote

Cries in South African...


kieppie t1_j0qdwaq wrote

Am active war zone is capable of better service-delivery than the ANC!

I suspect there's higher employment too

I suspect it might have something to do with the corruption-rare


frealfr t1_j0phcey wrote

Don't tell the Russians...Wait!


Gloriathewitch t1_j0qr3wa wrote

the power line workers in UA are absolute legends.


Mijrak t1_j0sk2sl wrote

Thank goodness, must've been such a relief for those people, may better things continue for Ukraine


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parsifal t1_j0pxmdp wrote

I just had a flash to the Ukrainian guy on the subway in Seinfeld who smashed the Risk board, roaring ‘You not say Ukraine weak!’*

(*Fellow r/Seinfeld fans: I know the quote is out of order. But I like it this way.)