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No-Information-1133 t1_j0qcseo wrote

Good boy, but…he also lead the girls away in the first place.


terdferguson t1_j0rq3rw wrote

This sounds like something my dumb dumb cousins golden-mix of some kind dog would accidentally do. I think it was the day before Thanksgiving it was pouring and he was sulking about not going for his normal 2 hour walk. The next day the good boy got his regular walk and a 5 mile bike ride. He would also bark the shit out of anyone approaching the house (familiar or not) R-man I miss you. He ain't gone I'm just not near him and I miss his attention when no one else was awake. He would literally just lean into you. Or sit against you and beg for pats with his paws, which were all absolutely given. Then again they just let him hang out outside on a really nice day because he would never leave the yard...dags crazy lovable creatures.


Jazzanthipus t1_j0sd2hn wrote

Sure, according to the 7 year-old. We’ll never get his side of the story


throwtheclownaway20 t1_j0swp6h wrote

"Sorry, boy, but someone's gotta go under this bus and you're the one who doesn't speak English, so..."


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VeldinNtG t1_j0qdowb wrote

It was only after the girls were reunited with their parents that they learned Artemis was actually the one that got them lost.

"He kept running ahead of us. We were trying to follow him, but we couldn't keep up," Abigail Bourg said.


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VeldinNtG t1_j0qr5zo wrote

You just abandon your pets when they run off into forests or off your property? Nothing could go wrong right?


muhaski t1_j0quezp wrote

Yes that's what county dogs do. They live on 6 acres.


Exodus111 t1_j0qxdwa wrote

Yeah thats pretty normal.

Dogs run off, but they'll hear you when you shout and come running back eventually.


VeldinNtG t1_j0t9vbh wrote

Well trained dogs do, or perhaps only to people who trained them well. I find it pretty believable these girls shouted the dog's name, and then decide to follow when the dog didn't return. I don't know why it's such a wild concept that two kids didn't know the proper recall method the dog was trained on and decided to follow the dog instead of just do absolutely nothing. Remember, these are kids!


oberon t1_j0r26vk wrote

I'm sorry, do you have a dog? They come back home on their own.


VeldinNtG t1_j0t9ytk wrote

Do you say that every time you see a missing dog poster in your neighborhood? Would you expect that to be the first thought in a little kid's mind?


Ok-Studio-7693 t1_j0qgkhy wrote

But why were the following


VeldinNtG t1_j0qqw5e wrote

I don't have a forest in my backyard, so it may well be different for them, but if my dog just runs out of my property, I follow them and bring them back. Can't imagine kids would see their dog run off into a forest and just go, "He'll be fine! Mom and dad won't care we that we have no idea where he is or when he'll be back, let's just stay here and stop having fun with the dog!"


luxpinkx t1_j0qwdrk wrote

Where I live there are lots of forests, trails, and rural areas. It’s very common for people to let their dogs go run ahead of them and explore a bit. It should only be done if your dog has a proper recall response and will return to you when you give the signal. I had a boxer(who was very well trained) that loved digging and running/jumping around in the woods when we went on walks.


funkholebuttbutter t1_j0qwwe4 wrote

Proper recall response is key. Considering Artemis tears up blankets and shoes I kinda question how much effort went into his training though.


RedditBanThisDick t1_j0rhqo3 wrote

My dog has no recall. Well I say no recall - he is a dickhead who wants me to go to him - but if I walk off, he follows. We can happily let him off his lead and he will stay within 10-15ft of us. If he wanders off we just carry on walking and he comes to us.

We don't really have to worry about other dogs because if he has his ball in his mouth he really isn't interested. If we see another dog and need to put him back on the lead I can just walk up and leash him.


VeldinNtG t1_j0t9mc5 wrote

You think these two little girls know the proper recall response?


luxpinkx t1_j0ulhnz wrote

Depends. Idk what their parents taught them. Also kids will be kids and they didn’t realize the danger of running into the woods.