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CondiMesmer t1_j0qhdg7 wrote

The plot twist at the end, that the good boy was really the bad boy that got them lost! It's ok they were forgiven and given treats.


depeupleur t1_j0qxxle wrote

Yep, at very least they got lost together and he thought she might know how to get out.


LordDongler t1_j0r70z3 wrote

My dog would just run around me in huge circles if I ever got lost in the woods


Echospite t1_j0sbrt7 wrote

My dog wouldn’t let anything happen to me but she wouldn’t let my rescuers go near me either!


quinteroreyes t1_j0sw0w7 wrote

My dog would abandon me, she's a husky so I'd give her 10 minutes before fucking off


sleeper_54 t1_j0t6wqh wrote

...and spend her time baying at and chasing every animal she might imagine in the forest floor leaf litter.


saihuang t1_j0rg8fs wrote

Ok cool


StonerSpunge t1_j0ryywi wrote

Why are you here lol


clamroll t1_j0sbb9x wrote

Check their comment history. What else are they supposed to do while waiting for billygoats to cross the bridge overhead?


Duganz t1_j0rwacw wrote

He was teaching them that Christmas is about who you love, and who loves you. Dog is a hero.


Teh_Weiner t1_j0sr0pk wrote

Dog wanted to take over the family. Ruthless little golden boy had a change of heart, was leading them to their demise :(