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luxpinkx t1_j0qwdrk wrote

Where I live there are lots of forests, trails, and rural areas. It’s very common for people to let their dogs go run ahead of them and explore a bit. It should only be done if your dog has a proper recall response and will return to you when you give the signal. I had a boxer(who was very well trained) that loved digging and running/jumping around in the woods when we went on walks.


funkholebuttbutter t1_j0qwwe4 wrote

Proper recall response is key. Considering Artemis tears up blankets and shoes I kinda question how much effort went into his training though.


RedditBanThisDick t1_j0rhqo3 wrote

My dog has no recall. Well I say no recall - he is a dickhead who wants me to go to him - but if I walk off, he follows. We can happily let him off his lead and he will stay within 10-15ft of us. If he wanders off we just carry on walking and he comes to us.

We don't really have to worry about other dogs because if he has his ball in his mouth he really isn't interested. If we see another dog and need to put him back on the lead I can just walk up and leash him.


VeldinNtG t1_j0t9mc5 wrote

You think these two little girls know the proper recall response?


luxpinkx t1_j0ulhnz wrote

Depends. Idk what their parents taught them. Also kids will be kids and they didn’t realize the danger of running into the woods.