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TrashFever1978 t1_j0rd9cp wrote

about 15 years ago I started working for a roofer that had just began his business. The first day I went to work with him he said I should just leave my car at his house and ride with all the other guys to the job site. Once we got to the job site I started asking him if we had two by fours to nail down to keep us from sliding off the extremely steep roof, but he had no idea of what I was talking about and had planned no sort of safety measures. I climbed the ladder and attempted to go up the church steeple slope of the roof, made it about halfway to the top before I started sliding back down quickly and I only kept myself from falling off the edge of the house by hooking my foot into the gutter. I came back down the ladder and told him I quit because I could not work for someone who had no idea what they were doing or how to do it safely. He said that I would have to sit there all day until they left the job site before I could get back to my car. I was like fuck that and began walking thinking I could get a hold of someone to come pick me up.

The house next to the house we were working on had a friendly German Shepherd. He began following me as I walked away down the road trying to call people to get a ride. I ended up walking over 7 miles before a group of workers with a truck pick me up and gave me a ride to my car.

The German Shepherd would not leave my side as I walked. I tried yelling at him, even threw sticks and rocks at him (of course not hitting him, just trying to run him off back home). He would run away, but the moment I turned around and started walking again it would only be a few moments and I would feel his nose sniffing my hand as he had already walked back to be beside me. Halfway through the walk another dog ran up on me growling and barking and he jumped the dog and ran him off. Once the nice strangers had stopped to pick me up he was just staring at me as I climbed into the back of the truck. I asked them if it was okay if I brought him with me and I got him to jump up.

Once I got back to my car I loaded him up and I drove back to that job site and knocked on the people's door that owned him. They had been worried about him and their kids were upset. I gave me my pat on the head and told him thanks for not letting that other dog attack me, keeping me company, and that he was a good boy. Never saw him again.


Nero_PR t1_j0tt765 wrote

The lengths the dog went to help a stranger in trouble. It could be that it sniffed something like the frustration out of you (like a chemical compound of sorts or anything) and decided to stick together? It is a fascinating read.