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mVgicHat t1_j0uz551 wrote

I’ve met far more humans I would consider predators than domestic dogs.


curly_spork t1_j0v1nz4 wrote

Okay. It doesn't change the fact dogs have no problem chewing off the face of people.

4.5 million dog bites a year in the US alone, with 800,000 resulting in medical care.


mVgicHat t1_j0v2fsi wrote

Getting a few stitches in your hand is medical care, “chewing off the face of people” is a huge exaggeration.

Most dog bites (I think 80%?) come from Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, which were literally bred to be defensive.


curly_spork t1_j0vxbp1 wrote

They are dogs, piercing the flesh of people, maiming and killing. Good attempt at moving goalposts.


mVgicHat t1_j0wbwlj wrote

Ok. How many people have had their faces eaten then lol

You clearly had something happen to you


curly_spork t1_j0x2hkx wrote

Yeah, a dog chewed my face when I was a toddler. But, what do you care? You think toddlers are predators.