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fangface70 t1_j10yi89 wrote

So something like this happened to me when I was 4 or 5 years old.

My grandparents had a big farm in Cumming, GA. I don't know what the acreage was but it was sizable. The house sat at the top of very wooded hill. There was a gravel "road" that extended into the woods past the house. It was originally part of the driveway/construction area when it was being built. But overtime it became less of a road and more of a trail as the weeds, brush, grass and like grew up through the gravel. Eventually, as you walked it, just faded away into the woods because it was never used. Anyway, when I was wandering around outside late one afternoon, and you guess it, I followed that "road" right into the woods. I turned around at one point and the house was gone and so was the road. Suddenly, I realized I was lost and scared to death. The sun was going down. I started bawling so bad I could barely see. I just kept walking, hoping I would end up somewhere recognizable. Eventually, I ended up facing a barbed wire fence at the edge of the property, an area I had never seen before. My grandfather owned 4 or 5 beagles that lived in a large pin outside. He would let them out all the time and they always came back. There were great dogs. I only remember one of them, Blue. Yes, Blue was his name. Anyway, by the time I made to the edge of the property, I was a mess. I had totally pissed my pants and was a blubbering idiot. It seem like hours and felt hopeless. Then out of nowhere, Blue appeared. He came up to me wagging his tail, licking me, etc. and just as happy as ever. Then he just turned and started walking. I just followed him not knowing what else to do. He led me down beside the fence for a while. I remember thinking how I had never knew this part of the property even existed. The woods just kind of ended at the edge of the property and there was a big meadow on the other side. We walked what seemed like forever. The only solace I had was that I wasn't alone anymore but still scared to death. It was really dark now. Dusk in the woods for a 4-5 year was not where I wanted to be. We had turned back into the woods at some point as I was just following the dog blindly, crying, wet from pissing my pants and also scared of getting in trouble. Eventually, the woods started to open up and then the gravel started to appear again and I could see the house and a lot of headlights and flashing blue lights. As I got closer, I could tell there was a lot of commotion. A number people I didn't recognize and my grandparents, my mom, the neighbors, etc. When they saw me, they lost their shit of course. I was alive, ok and FOUND. Apparently I had been gone for about 6 hours. All the neighbors, the Sheriff's department and even a helicopter had been dispatched. I was a mess. I thought I would get in big trouble but of course, everyone was so happy I was home that I didn't. I remember getting cleaned up and telling them what happened. This is a true story. That dog led me home.