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SanguineBanker t1_j0q7ema wrote

Humans are not good enough for the pure goodness that is dog.


No-Information-1133 t1_j0qcseo wrote

Good boy, but…he also lead the girls away in the first place.


VeldinNtG t1_j0qdowb wrote

It was only after the girls were reunited with their parents that they learned Artemis was actually the one that got them lost.

"He kept running ahead of us. We were trying to follow him, but we couldn't keep up," Abigail Bourg said.


CondiMesmer t1_j0qhdg7 wrote

The plot twist at the end, that the good boy was really the bad boy that got them lost! It's ok they were forgiven and given treats.


atocide t1_j0ql9ru wrote

Week old repost


happygato t1_j0qmno5 wrote

Dog Follows Girl Around Woods.


brbaca t1_j0qphj0 wrote

That was a kidnapping with a dog treat ransom.


-PM_Me_Dat_Ass_Girl- t1_j0qqahr wrote

...after getting them lost in the woods*. 🤣

Good pup for keeping them self until help arrived, though.


VeldinNtG t1_j0qqw5e wrote

I don't have a forest in my backyard, so it may well be different for them, but if my dog just runs out of my property, I follow them and bring them back. Can't imagine kids would see their dog run off into a forest and just go, "He'll be fine! Mom and dad won't care we that we have no idea where he is or when he'll be back, let's just stay here and stop having fun with the dog!"


P0rtal2 t1_j0qw480 wrote

The girls claim that he got them lost...but what if it actually was them getting lost and he's just accepting the role of scapegoatdog because he's such a good boy?!


luxpinkx t1_j0qwdrk wrote

Where I live there are lots of forests, trails, and rural areas. It’s very common for people to let their dogs go run ahead of them and explore a bit. It should only be done if your dog has a proper recall response and will return to you when you give the signal. I had a boxer(who was very well trained) that loved digging and running/jumping around in the woods when we went on walks.


TheLastKirin t1_j0qxepy wrote

Dogs are amazing creatures, like guardian angels of some kind, and golden retrievers are the elite among them. I had a dog who was a golden/sheltie mix, beautiful inside and out. She remains the most gentle and loving creature I have ever known. I even still dream about her coming to visit me.


Dirtweed79 t1_j0r156c wrote

People are like dogs. Some are better at smelling bullshit than others.


Representative_Still t1_j0r46il wrote

Lmao, the dog got them lost and then was trying to keep the rescuers away…that’s one hell of a “hero dog” narrative lol


rhcp1fleafan t1_j0r99l2 wrote

The dog didn't do anything any other dog wouldnt do lol. He stayed just with them? What did you expect a family dog to do when it's lost in the woods with its family!?


TrashFever1978 t1_j0rd9cp wrote

about 15 years ago I started working for a roofer that had just began his business. The first day I went to work with him he said I should just leave my car at his house and ride with all the other guys to the job site. Once we got to the job site I started asking him if we had two by fours to nail down to keep us from sliding off the extremely steep roof, but he had no idea of what I was talking about and had planned no sort of safety measures. I climbed the ladder and attempted to go up the church steeple slope of the roof, made it about halfway to the top before I started sliding back down quickly and I only kept myself from falling off the edge of the house by hooking my foot into the gutter. I came back down the ladder and told him I quit because I could not work for someone who had no idea what they were doing or how to do it safely. He said that I would have to sit there all day until they left the job site before I could get back to my car. I was like fuck that and began walking thinking I could get a hold of someone to come pick me up.

The house next to the house we were working on had a friendly German Shepherd. He began following me as I walked away down the road trying to call people to get a ride. I ended up walking over 7 miles before a group of workers with a truck pick me up and gave me a ride to my car.

The German Shepherd would not leave my side as I walked. I tried yelling at him, even threw sticks and rocks at him (of course not hitting him, just trying to run him off back home). He would run away, but the moment I turned around and started walking again it would only be a few moments and I would feel his nose sniffing my hand as he had already walked back to be beside me. Halfway through the walk another dog ran up on me growling and barking and he jumped the dog and ran him off. Once the nice strangers had stopped to pick me up he was just staring at me as I climbed into the back of the truck. I asked them if it was okay if I brought him with me and I got him to jump up.

Once I got back to my car I loaded him up and I drove back to that job site and knocked on the people's door that owned him. They had been worried about him and their kids were upset. I gave me my pat on the head and told him thanks for not letting that other dog attack me, keeping me company, and that he was a good boy. Never saw him again.


timbsm2 t1_j0rftwj wrote

Trying to imagine someone chastising that dog while simultaneously feeding them an amazing prime rib.


Portw00d t1_j0rhnrk wrote

"We didn't ask for this job, it's built into us. To bark when he's in danger, to run and play with him when he's happy, to nuzzle him when he's lonely.

That's why they call us man's best friend."


RedditBanThisDick t1_j0rhqo3 wrote

My dog has no recall. Well I say no recall - he is a dickhead who wants me to go to him - but if I walk off, he follows. We can happily let him off his lead and he will stay within 10-15ft of us. If he wanders off we just carry on walking and he comes to us.

We don't really have to worry about other dogs because if he has his ball in his mouth he really isn't interested. If we see another dog and need to put him back on the lead I can just walk up and leash him.


vortexmak t1_j0rj9l5 wrote

The pupoganda is getting out of hand on this site


The_Queef_of_England t1_j0rjany wrote

Labradors too. They're basically the same as goldies but short hair. I had a yellow one who was also extremely gentle and kind. Her parents were guide dogs. She didn't make it for whatever reason, but she had those qualities. She was so calm, she only barked a handful of times her whole life. She was a bit odd there. Once she barked at a wall, and another time she barked at a parked bike. Maybe she failed the intelligent part of being a guide dog, bless her cute little paws.


PigSnerv t1_j0rjf8g wrote

Interviewer looks like Bill Hader.


terdferguson t1_j0rq3rw wrote

This sounds like something my dumb dumb cousins golden-mix of some kind dog would accidentally do. I think it was the day before Thanksgiving it was pouring and he was sulking about not going for his normal 2 hour walk. The next day the good boy got his regular walk and a 5 mile bike ride. He would also bark the shit out of anyone approaching the house (familiar or not) R-man I miss you. He ain't gone I'm just not near him and I miss his attention when no one else was awake. He would literally just lean into you. Or sit against you and beg for pats with his paws, which were all absolutely given. Then again they just let him hang out outside on a really nice day because he would never leave the yard...dags crazy lovable creatures.


lizarto t1_j0rv5ei wrote

What a good good Goldie.


BigUncleHeavy t1_j0rw4o5 wrote

I read the article. This is a more appropriate headline:
"Dog leads two young girls deep into dangerous woods. Becomes aggressive when rescuers foil its plans. Relieved parents confess they can do nothing to stop dog's destructive rampage afterwards."


brodoswaggins93 t1_j0s2mj8 wrote

I wandered into the forest around my family cottage when I was around 3, and the family dog followed me and stayed with me for the 4 hours or so that I was lost. She was a golden retriever, same breed as the one in this story I think . We don't deserve golden retrievers, they're so good.


TheLastKirin t1_j0s9nto wrote

Labs are great dogs but my experience with them was so different. I've known 4 pretty well, and they can be so rambunctious. Goldens are more nurturing guardians, in my experience. Just my own experience though!


Echospite t1_j0sbne7 wrote

In Australia a few years ago a three year old girl wandered from her property into the bush.

This seventeen year old bluey, deaf and partly blind, followed her. He followed her into the bush and trotted after her and stayed with her all night.

The next day the dog recognised one of the searchers, who realised what the dog was doing and followed him to the girl. They said she smelled like the dog.

His name was Max and this was 2018. Too lazy to give a link but you can google! I have a dog of the same breed - they are very, very loyal and will sooner die before anything happens to your children. My childhood dog wouldn’t even let other kids hit me with a pillow.


padres4me t1_j0si6ph wrote

Blame the gig!? How did children that young get that far away from their parents?


padres4me t1_j0sidev wrote

Obviously I meant DOG. Not worth editing.


Mijrak t1_j0sjyr4 wrote

The goodest boy, so glad both children returned home safe and sound


Lepke2011 t1_j0sm0tl wrote

Pets are so devious. Doggo was like, "if I accidentally get them lost and then protect them, I'll get treats and belly rubs for days!"


tucker_frump t1_j0snh55 wrote

After getting them lost in the woods, according to the two girls ..


Divember t1_j0sv7g4 wrote

I live about an hour from where this happened. The story of them going missing flooded social media locally as it was happening. There were so many people trying to go help look for them that the police actually had to make a statement telling people to stay/go home so they didn’t get in the way of the search. They were using helicopters to scan the woods for them.


fueledbytisane t1_j0t2qei wrote

Reminds me of my old blue heeler/aussie mix. My mom got heatstroke one day while working in the garden. After that, the dog would get between her and the plant beds any time Mom started having even a hint of trouble with the heat. She refused to move until Mom went inside to drink some water and cool down a bit. She was such a good dog.


quinoapizza t1_j0t9v0j wrote

My black lab helped me in a similar situation. Went out into the woods to look for fiddle heads as a young girl turned around and didn’t know which way to go. She somehow led me back home. I got a black lab as an adult now which reminds me of my past “fauw” rip


VeldinNtG t1_j0t9vbh wrote

Well trained dogs do, or perhaps only to people who trained them well. I find it pretty believable these girls shouted the dog's name, and then decide to follow when the dog didn't return. I don't know why it's such a wild concept that two kids didn't know the proper recall method the dog was trained on and decided to follow the dog instead of just do absolutely nothing. Remember, these are kids!


VeldinNtG t1_j0t9ytk wrote

Do you say that every time you see a missing dog poster in your neighborhood? Would you expect that to be the first thought in a little kid's mind?


nuraHx t1_j0tdbf7 wrote

I’m just gonna be honest and say I’m too lazy to read the article. Did anything even attack them to need protecting from or did the dog literally just accompany some lost girls?


The_Queef_of_England t1_j0tpdt0 wrote

Some are like that, but some aren't. They get used for guide dogs because they can be calm and smart, but they have to pass the selection process, and the boisterous dopey ones fail puppy school. But they're cute as fuck so it's ok.


Nero_PR t1_j0tt765 wrote

The lengths the dog went to help a stranger in trouble. It could be that it sniffed something like the frustration out of you (like a chemical compound of sorts or anything) and decided to stick together? It is a fascinating read.


LM391 t1_j0un2x6 wrote



curly_spork t1_j0v1nz4 wrote

Okay. It doesn't change the fact dogs have no problem chewing off the face of people.

4.5 million dog bites a year in the US alone, with 800,000 resulting in medical care.


mVgicHat t1_j0v2fsi wrote

Getting a few stitches in your hand is medical care, “chewing off the face of people” is a huge exaggeration.

Most dog bites (I think 80%?) come from Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, which were literally bred to be defensive.


TheLastKirin t1_j0yo61b wrote

That's kind of been my experience too!

Love them all though. Our lab was a loving and happy dog when his health was good. A goofball who always wanted to get people to play, by stealing their stuff.


fangface70 t1_j10yi89 wrote

So something like this happened to me when I was 4 or 5 years old.

My grandparents had a big farm in Cumming, GA. I don't know what the acreage was but it was sizable. The house sat at the top of very wooded hill. There was a gravel "road" that extended into the woods past the house. It was originally part of the driveway/construction area when it was being built. But overtime it became less of a road and more of a trail as the weeds, brush, grass and like grew up through the gravel. Eventually, as you walked it, just faded away into the woods because it was never used. Anyway, when I was wandering around outside late one afternoon, and you guess it, I followed that "road" right into the woods. I turned around at one point and the house was gone and so was the road. Suddenly, I realized I was lost and scared to death. The sun was going down. I started bawling so bad I could barely see. I just kept walking, hoping I would end up somewhere recognizable. Eventually, I ended up facing a barbed wire fence at the edge of the property, an area I had never seen before. My grandfather owned 4 or 5 beagles that lived in a large pin outside. He would let them out all the time and they always came back. There were great dogs. I only remember one of them, Blue. Yes, Blue was his name. Anyway, by the time I made to the edge of the property, I was a mess. I had totally pissed my pants and was a blubbering idiot. It seem like hours and felt hopeless. Then out of nowhere, Blue appeared. He came up to me wagging his tail, licking me, etc. and just as happy as ever. Then he just turned and started walking. I just followed him not knowing what else to do. He led me down beside the fence for a while. I remember thinking how I had never knew this part of the property even existed. The woods just kind of ended at the edge of the property and there was a big meadow on the other side. We walked what seemed like forever. The only solace I had was that I wasn't alone anymore but still scared to death. It was really dark now. Dusk in the woods for a 4-5 year was not where I wanted to be. We had turned back into the woods at some point as I was just following the dog blindly, crying, wet from pissing my pants and also scared of getting in trouble. Eventually, the woods started to open up and then the gravel started to appear again and I could see the house and a lot of headlights and flashing blue lights. As I got closer, I could tell there was a lot of commotion. A number people I didn't recognize and my grandparents, my mom, the neighbors, etc. When they saw me, they lost their shit of course. I was alive, ok and FOUND. Apparently I had been gone for about 6 hours. All the neighbors, the Sheriff's department and even a helicopter had been dispatched. I was a mess. I thought I would get in big trouble but of course, everyone was so happy I was home that I didn't. I remember getting cleaned up and telling them what happened. This is a true story. That dog led me home.