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omghooker t1_j0seikm wrote

I'm not crying, you're crying


AmethystOrator OP t1_j0sfakn wrote

Some people may remember last week, when the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control posted about this on their social media:

but the girl, Madeline, wasn't actually granted the license until Saturday the 17th. This story shows her reaction and her parents'.

(For anyone wondering. I did message the Mods who confirmed that it was okay to post this part of the story, and that it wouldn't be considered a repost)


Commentment_Phobe t1_j0si6z9 wrote

“Stipulation 2: The unicorn is given regular access to sunlight, moonbeams and rainbows.”

Why don’t you add eclipses in there when you’re at it!?


MadeFromNews t1_j0szws3 wrote

Um 😟 the ahh, unicorn, umm, has a pointy, ahh, horn, HORN. Please don’t ban me, I was nice. Right?


choco_pi t1_j0uqxz0 wrote

The regulatory state is out of control. What's next, permits for rainbows? Ethics boards just so my grandpappy can reincarnate or create a phylactery? Application of the Jones Act to the independent and soverign people of Atlantis?

Soon kids are gonna be getting fined for just setting up an invisibility juice stand, all so Hogsmeade can make another buck.


Careful_View4064 t1_j0vli6h wrote

Thanks for this. Best way to wake up with my coffee.


Firm_Butterfly_4372 t1_j0w52s2 wrote

Dad - "oh yeah ill get you a unicorn alright after you write the animal control department for a license"